Camp Quatre Saisons

The history of Camp Four Seasons is the result of close collaboration with the Corporation Seminar of Santa Teresa. Still, the Corporation supported the seminar camp in various ways: either by hiring managers, secretaries or other staff, or by paying the rent or the secretariat with financial support for capital. On behalf of the thousands of young people who received the benefits of living in the wilderness, we thank them for their generosity.
The idea of ​​establishing a camp is supported by Guy Allard, a priest. Indeed, it was in 1962 that all began humbly, but with a whole lot of teachers, parents, students of the Seminary, benefactors, friends and even carpenters Seminar. It was then a summer for teachers and students of the Seminary of St. Therese camp.
Then, in the wake of the Parent Report, the seminary became the Cégep Lionel-Groulx and thereby the camp, a place for young people in the region.

Historical Background

1964 The first camp sessions begin for boys aged 12 years and older.
In 1967 significant financial contributions because the camp was named "Camp-Richelieu Four Seasons." Mr. Jean-Pierre Joly replaces Guy Allard as camp director.
1970 A camp session is offered to girls aged 12 and over.
1973 camp opens its doors to campers from September to December years.
Create new programs in 1975: cycling, weekend camps during the summer, post Off-Limits older. Construction of the shelter of the marina.
1977 Development of specialized sailing camps.
1978 First shipment of hiking (The long trail). Construction of the home, new kitchen and new dining room.
1981 Jean-Pierre Joly leaves the direction of the camp Raymond Hade. Pension costs increased from $ 52 to $ 90 per week.
1982 The camp is entrusted to François Boulanger.
1984 The name "Camp-Richelieu Four Seasons" is changed to "Camp Four Seasons." Guy Chenier is the camp director. Construction of a toilet block and a site to accommodate groups camping. The camp now hosts youth 9-17 years.
1991 became director Alain Roy, the mix is introduced in all camp programs.
1993 camp opens its doors to children aged 7 and 8 years, building houses for their accommodation. Landscaping sets the Chapel.
Pierre Gaudreault in 1995 became the director of the camp, creating a site for 11 groups. Landscaping rock school and home.
1996 Recognition of trails camp by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Cap 360 and Mount Gorilla are now part of the National Trail.
Pascal Chartrand in 1999 became director of the camp, the camp has 300 campers.
2000 Construction of a second toilet block, opening programs for groups and schools.
2002 Melanie Pack became director of the camp, it will be replaced by Stephane Caron due to illness. Creation of the position of Program Coordinator.
Dany Chenier 2004 assumed the leadership of camp. Camp wins Award of Excellence and two merit mentions Hats off to the programs' patent canoe camp "and" great expedition "for 15-17 years.

*translated from Source 

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