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The first Metallicross event will be held at Pala Raceway (north of San Diego, CA) on Saturday, October 23rd, utilizing a track that was co-designed by riding and daredevil greats James "Bubba" Stewart, Travis Pastrana, Ronnie Renner, David Knight, and Geoff Aaron. The course sounds hairy enough: it features a nearly two story drop which leads into the first turn, a 12 foot-high step-up, and dirt-to-concrete whoops. But wait, there's more! Including: a creek crossing, stretches of sand, and a stair made of railroad ties, not to mention explosions and geysers of flame. Nice.
Race heats will be interspersed by performances from rock and metal bands, and a "top heavy metal group" will cap off the event-- giving the whole thing an MTV-like tone.
So, whaddya think, are you: Interested? Indifferent? Ready to rock?
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