The Commencal Story isn’t so easy to tell… But I’ll give it a try!
To be able to talk about the history of COMMENCAL, you have to look back to the past… You have to look at an era when mountain-biking did not yet exist, you have to think of a Dream Team that brought home no less than 70 World Championship titles, you have to think about all the pioneering thinkers that created history and legends. 
I single-handedly created the SUNN brand, building it up over 16 years, living an intense experience, and I have only but the greatest of memories of that time. That is all in the past now, and those adventures are really a long way away!
In the end the Story is only interesting if it allows you to build the future, especially in our world, which constantly looks forward and tirelessly at rendering obsolete what has just been created!
COMMENCAL’s history starts in 2000. A new century, new aspirations, and renewed technology…

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